Pierre Vervloesem Group

Pierre Vervloesem is a talented and atypical guitarist, nicknamed the Belgian Frank Zappa by the press. For the first time in his career, he plays his own compositions live with his new band, the Pierre Vervloesem Group.
Vervloesem gets the best out of ‘Belgian-style compromise’: the mastery of the jazzistic field, the use of the crazy and energetic rhythmics of classic rock, combined with the lively and limitless sides of the electronic universe. He offers a maverick work sprinkled with a touch of madness.

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Biography of Pierre Vervloesem

Born in 1964, Pierre Vervloesem starts his career playing guitar in several experimental rock bands until he joins in the 90’s the avant-garde band X-Legged Sally with whom he will release 6 albums. After the break-up of X-Legged Sally, he continues his musical collaboration with Peter Vermeersch, the clarinetist of the band, with whom he will go on numerous musical expeditions. He will be part of the large Vermeersch Flat Earth Society ensemble with whom he will appear on 9 albums.
Pierre Vervloesem also stands out for his skills in engineering, mixing and/or mastering (more than 400 albums mixed). Together, Vervloesem and Vermeersch produced the first LP of the Antwerp rock band dEUS. Vervloesem has released 30 solo LPs where he experiments with unusual instruments and sounds (for example, shaking a crate of empty beer bottles as percussion). Often described as “the Belgian Frank Zappa” by the press, his crazy style, energy, humour and musical genius shape his world.


Pierre Vervloesem – Compositions & Electric Guitar
Nicolas Dechêne  – Bass
Bruno Vansina – Saxophone
– Drums