Qoutayba Neaimi's Microtonal Polyphonic Maqam System

Belgian-Iraqi composer and researcher Qoutayba Neaimi’s revolutionary new innovation is a musical system that will change the way musicians throughout the world understand Arab music. Transcending borders and cultural differences, the Microtonal Polyphonic Maqam System allows international ensembles and orchestras from everywhere around the world to perform all oriental maqams in polyphonic style. It opens the doors for composers to develop a repertoire where Arabic and Western musical traditions meet.

Qoutayba Neaimi will be giving a first series of workshops to present his Microtonal Polyphonic Maqam System to fellow musicians and composers. These first workshops will be hosted this academic year 2021-2022 by Universities and Conservatoires in Belgium, France and Egypt, starting with the Conservatoire Royal de Mons (ARTS2) in Belgium.
Qoutayba Neaimi will teach the basics of his system : after a presentation of the fundamentals of the Arabic scales and of Western counterpoint, he will explain how to produce non-tempered harmonies and oriental counterpoint (2- or 3-parts). He will suggest how to exploit the Microtonal Polyphonic Maqam System as a tool in various repertoires, from traditional to contemporary music.


Qoutayba Neaimi is a Belgian / Iraqi composer, researcher and former violinist of the Iraqi National Philharmonic Orchestra.
He is an elected member of the Belgian Composers Forum, a Musical Advisor to Opera Lebanon, and a Global Connections Artists for Opera for Peace.
After studying music at the Baghdad Institute of Fine Arts, he pursued his academic training at the Conservatoire Royal de Mons (ARTS2) in Belgium, completing a Master and qualification as Professor for Composition.

His recent achievement was the invention of a Polyphonic Maqam Musical System, under Abu Dhabi’s patronage.
Qoutayba Neaimi’s musical aesthetic is at the confluence of Western and Middle Eastern music. He aims to promote peace and dialogue between cultures, a concern revealed by the titles of several of his catalogue’s works (Cantate La Paix, Ur trio, quartet Story of a Refugee; melody for soprano & orchestra Les Dattiers). The Confluence musical project focuses on the common roots of civilisations by bringing together music, literature and performers from both cultures.

Qoutayba Neaimi is also collaborating with world-known oud player Naseer Shamma in order to expand the oud and symphonic orchestra repertoire. His works were played in prestigious venues in Belgium, France, Germany, the Netherlands, and his upcoming concerts are to be held in Belgium, Egypt, Iraq, and Bulgaria.