Vocal Sampling & Symphony Orchestra - 30th Anniversary Special Concerts

To celebrate the group’s 30th anniversary, Vocal Sampling reveals a whole new repertoire, as well as new facets of its vocal talent.

For these special anniversary concerts, the group will perform a classical and contemporary repertoire in collaboration with local symphony orchestras. The music will consist mainly of works written by great Cuban composers as well as René Baños Pascual, the musical director and leader of Vocal Sampling.

René Baños Pascual: “We want to combine the implicit codes of ‘concert’ music as a vector that guides us towards a new vision of the universality of Cuban music, based on the crossbreeding that is our culture and reflection of our society.”

Vocal Sampling & Symphony Orchestra

With the symphonic orchestra, the group will first perform “SambaSon”, a musical piece arranged by Jenny Peña (Cuba) that combines two popular rhythms (Samba and Son) with a great dose of improvisation, lightness and liveliness.
The main part of the evening will be the interpretation of the “Concerto n°1 para Vocal Sampling y Orquesta” composed by René Baños Pascual.
The 3 movements of this contemporary work (Allegro Rítmico – Andante – Danzón Allegro) are freely inspired by the roots and evolutions of Cuban music. They will give the space for astonishing exchanges between the six singers and the symphony orchestra, until they can exchange their roles at certain moments.

Cycle of Contradanzas & Danzas

With the Contradanzas and Danzas of Manuel Saumell and Ignacio Cervantes, Vocal Sampling reveals, through a cappella versions, how these two great Cuban composers and pianists mixed so early the essential elements that make up Cuban music. The elegant melody coming from Europe and the funny and energetic African syncopations, always based on the binary structure of the small piano pieces used in European Romanticism.

Los Tocadores (René Baños Pascual)

Los Tocadores is a cyclic 6-voice polyphonic game, where each voice brings a distinctive melodic and rhythmic element to Cuban music. These elements are in turn contrasted and, in their combination, form a sound amalgam that allows us to travel through the different trends and influences of Cuban music.



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