Bai Kamara Jr & The Voodoo Sniffers new album: Traveling Medicine Man (03.03.2023)

Three years after the release of his critically acclaimed album Salone, Bai Kamara Jr returns with Traveling Medicine Man, a 13 track collection of afro-blues songs portrayed in Bai’s unique style. In a descriptive,
provocative and sometimes suggestive way, the tales of love, life, relationships and politics are meticulously explored by the raconteur.

“Traveling Medicine Man is the continuation of my introspective journey through my roots and my perpetual quest to make my two homes, Africa and Europe, coexist within me. The title was inspired by my maternal grandfather Tinka Tanner Kargbo, born in 1901 in the Northern Province of Sierra Leone. He was educated by Protestant missionaries and later traveled with them across the country to help provide medical care to villagers and townspeople. I was fortunate enough to have spent some time with my grandfather when I was still a child, and one of the things that fascinated me the most about him was his ability to reconcile his Christian beliefs with his traditional African beliefs and customs.”

- Bai Kamara Jr

For the making of this album Bai brought his touring band, The Voodoo Sniffers, into the studio; these exceptional musicians contributed to Bai’s unique and evolving sound. With a percussive nature at the heart of the arrangements this rootsy blues is spiced up with an afro vibe, making you want to get up and dance more often than not.


🎧 Listen here :

Duplex's new album "Maelstrom" is out! (27.01.2023)

Maelstrom is the debut album from two renowned musicians of the Belgian scene, Didier Laloy (diatonic accordion) and Damien Chierici (violin). Traditional and modern combine in a seamless blend of classical instrumentation, electronic-pop, world music and cinematic atmospheres, as they travel together across the globe in an anarchic voyage of nostalgia and discovery.

released January 27, 2023 on ARC Music

Damien Chierici: violin
Didier Laloy: diatonic accordion
Olivier Cox: drums
Quentin Nguyen: keyboards


📅 Next concert 16.02 Théâtre Marni - tickets 👉

Dyad at the Global Music Showcases (10 October)

Dyad (Didier Laloy & Adrien Tyberghein), the diatonic accordion and double bass duo, will be performing at the day of private showcases "Global Music Sessions" that we are organising together with Flemish and French-speaking agencies: Cluster, Zephyrus, Chouette and Via Lactea.

A unique opportunity to discover 9 great artists/groups in excellent technical conditions at De Casino - Sint-Niklaas - Stationsstraat 104, 9100 Sint-Niklaas


The Pierre Vervloesem Group at Freakshow Artwork Festival (30 September)

The freaking cool Pierre Vervloesem group will be present at the Freakshow Artwork Festival in Würzburg !

The non-commercial music initiative FreakShow Würzburg, supported by the non-profit association GALERIE 03, has been bringing top-class performers of jazz and avant-rock, zeuhl, jazzmetal, chamber rock, as well as retroprog bands together with young and/or unknown names of progressive rock music on stage for more than 17 years.

Over the years, the scene has gained a reputation far beyond the borders of Würzburg as a forum for high-quality music beyond the mass trends of rock and pop.

The FreakShow Würzburg feels very attached to the ideal of curiosity for 'the unheard' and therefore strives to always keep an open ear for new things, especially for the more oblique and complex ramifications of progressive rock.

Zig Zag World will be present at WOMEX 2022 in Lisbon from 19 to 23 October

The Zig Zag World team will be present at Womex!
You can find us at the "Belgium Booms" stand n° 156-163 Arena hall.

Didier Laloy Symphonic at PIF 2022 with clarinettist Fabrizio Meloni in Castelfidardo (30 September)

Didier Laloy will perform at PIF 2022 with clarinettist Fabrizio Meloni and The Calabria Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Volodymyr Runchak

Didier Laloy discovered the accordion from the age of 13 and from there he became recognized as one of the most active representatives of the renaissance of the diatonic accordion in Europe. Over the years he has defined his style through the “freedom of creation”, which consists in following his personal needs and, above all, in bringing his audience to places still unknown. He has collaborated with many talented artists both on the Belgian and international scene, also carrying out personal projects.

On the clarinet there will be Fabrizio Meloni, first solo clarinet of the Orchestra del Teatro and Filarmonica della Scala since 1984. Fabrizio has toured in the United States and Israel with the Italian Wind Quintet. With the Nuovo Quintetto Italiano he has actively toured in South America and South East Asia. His concert tour in Japan with P. Moll and I Solisti della Scala was met with enthusiastic acclaim from audiences and critics. He has numerous recordings to his credit.
The Calabria Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Volodymyr Runchak will accompany the two musicians throughout the performance.

Pierre Vervloesem Group - CD Release (21.01.22) - Concert Release (29.01.22)

Pierre Vervloesem gets the best out of the Belgian compromise: the mastery of the jazz register, the use of the crazy rhythms of rock, combined with the lively and limitless sides of the electronic universe.
His new career-retrospective 12-track album, 30 Years of Success, will be released on January 21st on the Belgian record label Off – Record label(
On January 29th, for the first time in his career, Pierre Vervloesem will play his own compositions live, surrounding himself with a great new band to offer a quality work sprinkled with a touch of madness that is his trademark. A live music opportunity not to be missed! Book your tickets for the CD release concert @ Les Riches-Claires in Brussels here:…/pierre-vervloesem-group/

Pierre Vervloesem Group

Bai Kamara Jr. & The Voodoo Sniffers will be on the programme of the prestigious WOMAD Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. (12 november)

Bai Kamara Jr. & The Voodoo Sniffers will be on the programme of the prestigious WOMAD Las Palmas de Gran Canaria on 12 November sharing the stage with Oumou Sangare, Amparanoia and Said Muti.

Bai Kamara Jr. & The Voodoo Sniffers seront au programme du prestigieux WOMAD Las Palmas de Gran Canarial e 12 novembre partageant la scène avec Oumou Sangare, Amparanoia et Said Muti.

🎟Tickets and program available now at

Fantastic Vocal Sampling concerts with the Tonkünstler Orchester and conductor Yutaka Sado in Vienna

Fantastic concert last night  (28/10/21) at the Musikverein in front of more than 1000 spectators.

Superb musical and human alchemy between Vocal Sampling, the Tonkünstler-Orchester, the conductor Yutaka Sado and the audience.

Another great evening (29/10/21) and concert in the Festspielhaus St. Pölten with Vocal Sampling, the Tonkünstler-Orchester and conductor Yutaka Sado .
A lot of musical emotion.
Fantastic audience that graced all the performers with an intense standing ovation.