Belem & The MeKanics

BELEM & the MeKanics, is the last creation of Didier Laloy

With his project, Didier Laloy finally makes his dream of playing accompanied by an orchestra of mechanized musical instruments come true.
Thanks to his improbable encounter with the Brussels musician-composer Walter Hus and his extraordinary Decap organs, Didier had the unique opportunity to amplify all his musical work which he started in 2014 with his duo BELEM.
In the company of cellist Kathy Adam, this duo has generated music that is at once intimate, intense and bubbling, and which has been internationally acclaimed for its quality and originality.
For BELEM & THE MEKANICS, the Decap instrumentation used is an orchestral ensemble of acoustic organ pipes , an accordion and percussion instruments, playing on their own, controlled by a computer and music software.
It looks like a huge wooden synthesizer, allowing a powerful modulation work on the sound, but this time not a sound generated electronically but an acoustic and organic sound.
For Walter, to see the wonder in the eyes of Kathy and Didier was at each meeting an extraordinary stimulus to push even further in the project. He did a meticulous work with Didier, to purify the orchestration to the maximum so that the dialogue between the accordion-cello and the percussion- organs duo could come naturally. The result is breathtaking, a true jewel, at once surprising, unique in the world, refined and majestic !
Walter and Didier composed and arranged an unusual music, a mix between classical, popular, contemporary, cinematographic music… a music with Fellinian flavors… A real gem!

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Didier Laloy Diatonic Accordion
Kathy Adam Cello


Walter Hus & Didier Laloy


Didier LaloyKathy AdamWalter Hus


They talk about it

“With Belem & The MeKanics, composer Didier Laloy proves that he is one of the most original and talented musicians of his time. His latest masterly work combines an ensemble of barrel organs and computer-controlled percussions. The unclassifiable Walter Hus is at the controls. What if Belgium finally found its Mozart?”
Médiapart – France

“A Belgian instrumental surrealism.”
RTBF – Belgium

“Accordionist Didier Laloy and cellist Kathy Adam dialogue with a limonaire, the musical monster of an integral show. Beautifully crazy.”
Le Vif L’Express – Belgium

“The music of Belem & The MeKanics is, as you might expect, splendidly eccentric, conjuring the fairground, the cabaret, chanson and early cinema.”

“Two exceptional musicians and a mechanical orchestra! We always talk about improbable, insane or impossible projects, but Didier Laloy and Kathy Adam’s is simply crazy…crazy…crazy! Belem & The MeKanics is an extraordinary experience that everyone should live once in their lifetime! ”
Music In Belgium – Belgium

“The music refers to the circus, Fellini, folklore and cinema. It is lively, tender, cheerful, sometimes nostalgic like the clowns, sometimes caracolant like a parade of horses. It’s like childhood memories. The result is the reflects of their dream. Enormous! And spectacular.”
LE SOIR – Belgium

“Magic: the word is launched and it will remain in the spectators’ minds throughout the concert: when the drums start, we think of Tim Burton, “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”, and those fantastic mechanisms that populate the filmmaker’s imagination. A magical and unforgettable evening.”
L’Avenir – Belgium


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