Isabella Soupart

Choreographer Isabella Soupart and the MP4 Quartet take on three masterpieces by Steve Reich: Pendulum Music, Different Trains – 1989 Best Contemporary Composition Grammy Award – and WTC 9/11, bringing forth intimate reflections within worldwide historical drama.
In Different Trains, through immersive soundscape and fragmented testimonies, Reich evokes his Jewish American childhood during World War II, while he would have travelled on other trains, had he lived in Europe in the same period. The same composition processes are used in WTC 9/11, a piece written to commemorate the September 11 attacks.
The Steve Reich Project is a pulsating confrontation of dance, music and video art, a raw, deeply moving statement on the frailty of the human condition.


STEVE REICH PROJECTIsabella Soupart | MP4 Quartet

Biography of Isabella Soupart

Isabella Soupart is a director, choreographer and visual artist. She develops and presents her work in Brussels where she is based. Her singular creations apply different artistic expressions, such as theatre, dance, sound effects, installations, visual arts, digital art and collective performances. She brings forth a fragmented universe in which different realities and timescales are made to coexist. Constructed as assembled elements (e.g. the merging of sound and multiple musical and visual experiences), her work involves a tangible but rigorously personal reflection on the question of contemporary creation.

Finalist of The 2007 in New-York for the Rolex Mentor and Protégés Arts Initiative. 

Isabella Soupart is also an actress revealed to the public at large in the Dardenne Brothers movie Le Fils and for the Franco-Chilean director Raoul Ruiz and the Berliner filmmaker Maria Speth.

Her projects involve numerous productive partnerships including visual artists Michel François, Kurt d’Haeseleer and British visual artist Jonathan Sullam, choreographer Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker, American light designer Jim Clayburgh, the MP4 quartet, photographer Danny Willems, sound designer Thomas Turine, filmmaker Sabrina Montiel-Soto and musician Ruben Martinez Orio (Ictus), Victoria+Jean.

Her work is performed on the Belgian and international scenes and festivals : Kunstenfestivalsdesarts, Brussels (BE), Koninklijke Vlaams Schouwburg (KVS), Brussels (BE) / Festival Ars Musica, Brussels (BE) / Avignon Festival IN (FR) / Red Cat Theater, Los Angeles (US) / Teatro Canovas, Malaga (ES) / Teatro José Tamayo, Granada (ES) / Teatre Lliure, Barcelona (ES) / Festival Sommerszene, Salzburg (A) / Burgtheater, Vienna (A) / Eaux– Vives, Geneva (CH) / Salzlager, Innsbruck (A) / Théâtre de la Ville de Paris (FR) / Lieu Unique, Nantes (FR) / Stoa, Helsinki (FIN) / Maison de la danse de Lyon (FR) / Le Cuvier, Bordeaux (FR) Théâtre National de Chaillot, Paris (FR) / Lantaren Venster, Rotterdam (NL) / Théâtre de la Bastille, Paris (FR) / Centro Culturel de Bélem, Lisbon (PT) / Tanzhaus, Düsseldorf (DE) / La Ferme du Buisson, Paris (FR) / Festival IN d’Avignon (FR), Festival Musiq3 Flagey, Brussels (BE), MRBAB Fine Arts Museum, Brussels (BE).

Biography of MP4 Quartet

The MP4 Quartet was created in 2008. At the time, its members, Claire Bourdet, Margaret Hermant, Pierre Heneaux, Merryl Havard, are young graduates of the Royal Conservatoires of Belgium and choose to steer their work in supporting new creations as well as performing classical master pieces. They gain experience and freedom of expression at the Orpheus Institute of Ghent and with the Danel, Pavel Haas, Pražák and Kronos quartets.
They recently played at the Elb Filarmonie Hamburg, a piece by Pierre Slinckx, with whom they worked to create a new quartet with electronic as chamber music. The piece has just been recorded in Belgium for Label Cyprès and will be out in fall 2019.
In the 2014 season, the MP4 Quartet creates the “Steve Reich project”: a show around Steve Reich’s creations, alongside the choreographer Isabella Soupart, in close collaboration with Jeunesses Musicales and the festival Ars Musica. The MP4 Quartet also participates in many festivals such as the Festival of Flanders in Kortrijk, Europe in Music, Midis Minimes and plays at the Concertgebouw in Bruges and for De Groote Post in Ostend (Scoop on Tour 2014).
In close collaboration with Chamber Music for Europe, the MP4 Quartet is invited to join in the Chiré-en-Montreuil (France) and Cramard’s Festivals, in Pick Opus and in the Nuit Blanche in Brussels. They also collaborate in the “Private Domain Hosokawa” project – String quartet Happening at the Concertgebouw in Bruges.
The 2016 and 2017 seasons revolved around a residence at the Senghor, on the theme of metamorphoses, with 5 programs covering various facets of the MP4 Quartet –
1: Beethoven / Fafchamps; 2: Ligety and Sciarrino in collaboration with Fatou Traoré; 3: “Steve Reich Project “in collaboration with Isabella Soupart; 4: Scelsi / Fafchamps / Lutoslawski; 5: quartet and electronics for the LOOP Festival, Slincks / Fafchamps / Delforge.
The MP4 Quartet has also been invited to join in the Ars Musica festival in November 2016 and in India for the Tansen Music Festival (December 2016).