Belem (Didier Laloy & Kathy Adam)

Didier Laloy and Kathy Adam form an atypical duo featuring diatonic accordion and cello. They are both brilliant musicians in their own right. They have travelled through Europe with the group ‘Panta Rhei’, and shared the stage on many other occasions including Didier’s own projects “Didier Laloy Invites”, [Pô-Z]s, Noir’s and Nonsens. Although we had to wait for 23 years before a direct collaboration emerged, it was well worth the wait.

For decades, they’ve been thinking about experimenting with chamber music, without neglecting the expressive side. Today they provide an anthology of compositions, at the crossroads of their experiences. A strong but simple music, subtle and surprising, where silence, dynamics and the most elegant and crazy rhythms intersect. Musical images collide, and lead you on a musical journey and unique experience. Gentle and daring duo, result of a long-awaited meeting between two wonderful artists.

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Didier Laloy : Diatonic accordion
Kathy Adam : Cello

Biography of Didier Laloy

Didier Didier Laloy started learning the diatonic accordion when he was 13 years old. He attended numerous masterclasses, with Bruno Le Tron, Marc Perrone and Jean-Pierre Yvert.
Since then Didier has become a master of the instrument as well as a composer, and he is now considered to be one of the most active and influential representatives of the diatonic accordion revival in Europe.

His relaxed onstage manner and his ability to tackle almost any musical genre has made him a highly sought after and appreciated musician. He has also founded several bands; his first project with personal compositions was « S- Tres » (double CD). This was followed by “Didier Laloy invite….s” [Pô-Z]s, Noir’s, Couturière (music and theater), Didier LALOY / Tuur FLORIZOONE.

He is also a founding member of the transeuropean accordion quintet The Samurai.

Didier has collaborated or is still collaborating with: Ialma, Bruno Le Tron, Kiya Tabassian & Constantinople, Ensemble Quartz, Jean-Philippe Collard-Neven, Nicolas Achten, Quentin Dujardin, Perry Rose, Pascal Chardome, Frédéric Malempré, Barbara Furtuna…

Biography of Kathy Adam

Kathy Adam was born in 1976 and awarded a diploma from the Royal Conservatory of Brussels and Mons in cello and chamber music. Alongside her work as a classical cellist (quatuor Thaïs, Brussels Philharmonic, vlaamse opera, musiques nouvelles, etc.), Kathy regularly works with Karim Baggili, Line Adam, David Linx , Diederik Wissels , Olivier Louvel, HLM (Houben-Loos-Maurane), Charles Loos, Steve Houben (« Panta Rhei »), Vincent Rouard, and others.

A highly respected and eclectic musician, Kathy also works in theatre, dance and song with artists such as Michèle N’Guyen, Julie Larousse, Ghalia Benali, Erick de Armas, Seb Duthoit, Paolo Doss, Banc public company, Jofroi, Bernard Tirtiaux, Photis Ionatos, Yvette Berger, Fabienne VDP, Les vaches Aztèques , Oscar Wallas, the Jose Besprosvany company, and others…

They talk about it

“Belgian duo also very creative : Didier Laloy (diatonic accordion) and Kathy Adam (cello), with their inspired compositions of their anxieties, of their children and European traditional music. It is sad and trash, soft and dense, baroque, unbalanced, violent, meditative and very free. The audience loved it.”
LE DEVOIR, Sept. 2015 (CA)

“It’s the mad dog that meets the nobility.”
LARSEN, Jan. 2015 (BE)

“Time shared with them, their compositions, the attention they pay to each other, and to their instruments, is a time when life begins to be lived differently. There is an enormous amount of poetry and tenderness in the sounds they make and the way they cherish what makes them.”

“An elegant meeting between the classical cellist, mischievous Kathy Adam, and the expressive and unlimited diatonic player Didier Laloy. Great art without artifice.”
LA SCENE, spring 2015 (FR)

“The feeling is that of an enhancement to the folklore forms of improvisation, like a try to lift it further towards a more contemporary classical music level. It is the space of improvisation between the duo, adding harmonies, rhythmic stimulations or varieties in improvisation is perhaps the most sophisticated part of that, showing the best of their talents.”

“Belem” is a winner all around, displaying a history of various involvements in other genres and aggregates.(…) Laloy’s stage presence is charismatic, even when confined to a chair, and in this performance of his composition “SENN” it is fascinating to see these two communicating wordlessly, passing musical messages to one another throughout. (…) What comes across, to me, is a kind of classical chamber music, intimate as it should be, and creating a space in which one can wander within one’s self or as a shared experience with others.”
HUFFINGTON Post dec. 2015 (USA)



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